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Cobroking creates a professional attitude June 22, 2008

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By Zhenry Yeo 

Here is your chance to radiate professionalism in real estate. After all you must have gained a solid experience in this highly competitive environment and has managed to establish yourself as a partner offering unique negotiation strengths and solutions for your clients.

With your professional attitude and reputation within the local market, combined with accompanying corporate culture and values, realtors today, are best positioned to serve the best interests of their clients.

In some countries, realtors who refuse to cobroke are taken to tasks by their owners through terminations of exclusive rights to sell. In fact, members of the public in certain states in America are known to have suggested fresh real estate listings be made mandatory for cobroking within a certain period, usually the first 14 days. This is to ensure maximum market exposure from the outset.

Call it what you will. I personally believe that cobroking provides a result (be it a sale or a lease) which is inversely proportional to the market size. The larger the market (agents included) you expose a property to, the fewer the number of average days it will stay on the market.

Feeling strange about cobroking? Well, I know that whenever you need to look for a property for a client, the first thing you say to another lister is: “Do you cobroke?”
I guess saying “cobroke” is as common as saying, for example, “coffee”.

So, the next time you cobroke, you may wish to invite your industry colleague with a friendly exchange: “Well, thank you for cobroking, how about having some coffee?” Good for networking, too!



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