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Are You Winking At A Girl In The Dark? September 9, 2006

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The legendary advertising maestro David Ogilvy used to say that doing business without advertising is like winking at a girl in the dark. Only you know what you are doing, not the girl.

Hence the futility and the failure of sales. In the ensuing excitement created
by the post Dolf de Roos property investment school, I have discovered many
groupspresenting interesting investment opportunities.

Participants havesaid they liked the investment styles of companies such the Dragon Group in promoting stable low-risk property. Others have commended the foresight of legal consultant Sylvia Cheah when she recently gave an insight onlaws governing the investment of property inNew Zealand. Instead of letting those events slip, I thought setting up three classified columns for rent and/or sale and a property wantedmay be agesture in the right direction. I willset up an archive for special papers later.

As a service to all visitors to www.dolfnet.com I think this development will help create a marketplace for practising investors, especally those of us who
were excitedly “hot-off” Dr Dolf’s class and are eagerly interacting and looking for opportunities to buy, sell or diversify.

Meow! May the new cats catch you!!!

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