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Eight Steps to Finding the Right Real Estate Agent August 28, 2006

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finding-the-right-agent.jpgby Bill Carey A plan is what’s necessary to finding your next home, and finding the right person to work it with you is the first step to your success.

You need an agent you trust someone who honestly wants to work with you. You should interview 2 or 3 agents to find this person. Working with the right agent can save you time and possibly thousands of dollars.

The Agent You Decide to Work With Should be Internet Savvy – have an excellent website that is easy to navigate and has plenty of free consumer information. It should be tied to a newsletter and other real estate related information that you can access without paying a dime.

Team Approach to Real Estate – large team or small team the idea is to have specialists in different areas of the business. Affiliate team members a strong base of professionals’ mortgage brokers, attorney, inspectors, engineering and service contractors.

VIP Buyer Profile Program – house hunting service of daily or weekly emails to you of the homes that fit your criteria. Meet with your agent describe your wants and needs enter that information into the computer along with general area or location. You should receive emails updates to all new listing that match your entries.

Experience and Reputation – experience in the business of real estate and has personally bought and sold homes, has an excellent reputation in and out of the real estate business, not just having a bunch of letter designations behind their name to impress other realtors nor do you need someone who is the number 1 of anything.

Someone You Trust – you must feel comfortable with your agent trust what they say know that they are working for you. Have them draw up a buyer agency agreement where they are contractually responsible to you and not working for the seller. Your buyer agent can give you the insider information that you need to make an informed decision on your purchase.

Willingness to Work on Your Terms – are you interested in working with someone who doesn’t have the time to devout to you or your little house? Someone who is so full of themselves, that they can’t see your needs or is more intent on impressing you than helping you. An agent who will prepare a CMA on the homes you are considering before letting you make an offer will research tax and ownership purchase records to show the value.

Knowledgeable and Competent – not necessarily the person who has lived in town for the last 50 years. Pick someone who has knowledge about the area the schools businesses recreation shopping. Knowledgeable about houses new construction or resale knows the product and can offer suggestions as to why or why not of certain home styles or builders. Pick someone who has specific and personal knowledge of the home buying and selling process.

Performance Guarantees – your agent should back up all claims and promises with written contractual performance guarantees. Promises to save you money an example would be. Performance Guarantee “Save you $5,000 on your purchase or pay you $1,000 at closing.” Your agents should always backup what they say in writing.

Your Real Estate agent doesn’t necessarily need to be your best friend but must be the professional to help guide you through the purchase and sale process. You may be working together for 2 to 4 months so pick someone you like to be around.

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